There’s more to SYNC bathroom pods than framework, concrete, basins and toilets. SYNC has the capability to fabricate custom metal parts through the SYNC Metal Workshop.

The metal prefab team at SYNC has expanded exponentially since 2018 and now has the capability to manufacture a variety of metal components including, stillages, metal vanity frames and engineered façade screen components.

There has been a considerable investment in specialised tools and machinery that give the team the agility to manufacture complex parts for bathroom pods quickly, with these efficiencies being passed on to clients.

SYNC is equipped with laser cutter and brake press machines giving the ability to cut and fold a variety of decorative and structural parts. SYNC also has machinery to manufacture radiused aluminium mirror frames, cutting custom mirrors to size and polished for each project.

Dedicated welders and machine operators create quality products within a reasonable time frame. Currently, the team produces an average of 20 door jambs daily for SYNC projects alone. Since 2018, over 2000 door jambs and 300 cavity sliders have been produced in-house!

Having the in-house expertise and machinery enables SYNC to be agile and efficient in delivering pods sustainably and on time for clients.